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my application.. i finally did it


♥ [ Basic ] ♥

♥ Name: Allison Burggren
♥ Age: 15
♥ Sex: female
♥ Location: Lynn Mass
♥ Dating Status:(pictures?) Taken..
me and john b4 the semi

♥[ Favorite ] ♥

♥Top 10 bands: Blink 182, Dashboard Confessional, TBS, Hawthorn Heights, Green Day, 3 doors down, eve 6, Alexisonfire, Relient K, Stay Behind
♥Top 5 movies: Now and Then, Dragon Fly, A walk 2 remember, Carrie part 2 , drumline
♥Favorite Books: umm.. go ask nancy
♥Favorite Store: American Eagle, Aeropostal, Tellos, Pac sun
♥Piece of clothing: hmm idk either my mudd jeans or my big sweatshirts

♥[opinion] ♥

♥ opinion you feel strongly about: love
♥Sex: great
♥Whores: cool
♥Pimps: can b cool
♥Abortion: totally your choice
♥same sex dating: not my style but its cool
♥ What do you think of your mods? They r the sexiest ppl eva

♥[ General ] ♥

♥Any expierience as a pimp/whore?: well there was this one time …
♥Do you have what it takes to be a high class whore/pimp? I think I do
♥What are your sexual expieriences?: well u no I do have a bf and we have been going out for 2 months now ..
♥Are you a pimp/whore?: yes I am..
♥Why should you be accepted?: cuz im the best whore eva and I now how 2 plz a man.. hehe
♥Post atleast 3 pictures, atleast one of your face:
me and nicole

edit 2 this lj cut i am now single as of 4/28
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