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Are you looking for love?

...because it just might cost you

Do you have what it takes to be a high class whore
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[ Your Mods ]
The pimpette - inside_xout

Her #1 whore - dreamin182

[ The Whore Line-Up ]
allie313 ___ambivalence hecate13
allie313, ___ambivalence, hecate13

[ The Pimp ]


[ The other Pimp ]
^^Has officially been claimed by dreamin182

[ About ]
-This community was idealed in the minds of Kirsti Goodwin, and Becky Duyon. From being up till 3am in the morning making complete and utter NO sense. This community is for the whores, for the pimps, and for the down right horny. You do not have to be a prostitute to join this community. You may chat about whatever comes to your mind, but we'd like you to keep it in any topic concerning, pimps,whores,sex, and whatnot. Make friends, Have fun, and practice safe sex!-

Icon created by hecate13


♥ Please apply within 48 hours of joining
♥ If you are rejected, you may re-apply in a week. But you may only re-apply ONCE!
♥ Do not talk back rudely to members. If a member says no, deal with it.
♥ All applications must be under a live journal cut
♥ Please make sure the application questions are bolded, and your answers are not.
♥ When applying put "I paint it on, you lick it off" as your subject.
♥ All pictures bigger than 150x150 MUST go behind a cut and you cannot have more than two teasers.
♥ Dress up for your pictures, don't be boring.
♥ PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE your heart out please.
♥ Have as much fun as possible & make new friends

Voting Rules
♥Be harsh if need be!
♥Have fun!
♥When voting, look at the entire application.
♥Use (+)'s and (-)'s for what you do and do not like.
♥Just a "yes", or a "no" on the subject line!!
♥You can not vote based on just looks. You are voting on the person, not totally based on the way they look.
♥Not following these rules will result in warnings.
♥If a member does not comply after being warned, they may be banned.


[ Basic ]

Dating Status:(pictures?)

[ Favorite ]

Top 10 bands:
Top 5 movies:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Store:
Piece of clothing:


opinion you feel strongly about:
same sex dating:
What do you think of your mods?

[ General ]

Any expierience as a pimp/whore?:
Do you have what it takes to be a high class whore/pimp?
What are your sexual expieriences?:
Are you a pimp/whore?:
Why should you be accepted?:
Post atleast 3 pictures, atleast one of your face:

you can use this when you post (it has the cut for you):